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The Alabama Moments project was funded by the Alabama Humanities Foundation (a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities) and the Caroline Ivey Memorial Foundation. The project was sponsored by the Friends of the Alabama Archives and co-sponsored by the Alabama Department of Archives and History and the Alabama State Department of Education.

Project director, Dr. Leah Rawls Atkins, emerita director of the Auburn University Center for the Arts and Humanities, provided leadership and vision for the project. Dr. Virginia Hamilton, professor emerita at the University of Alabama at Birmingham served as humanities advisor and provided useful criticism and comments. Debbie Pendleton of the Alabama Department of Archives and History handled administrative oversight as project manager; John Hardin, also of ADAH, served as project editor; and Archives student worker Jennifer Beck assisted with typing and research. Lucy Leslie, Friends of the Alabama Archives coordinator, served as the fiscal agent for the project.

The project advisory committee provided invaluable assistance and advice concerning format, design, and content. They reviewed first drafts of material submitted by scholars and suggested necessary changes, and provided excellent ideas about how to produce a useful classroom document. Advisory committee members were:

Numerous scholars assisted with this project. All contributed their in-depth knowledge on a particular aspect of Alabama history and worked hard to consolidate their ideas into the project format. Scholars contributing to this project were:

Felicity Allen, Margaret Armbrester, Leah Rawls Atkins, Dorothy Autrey, Richard Bailey, Robert Bradley, Kathryn E. Holland Braund, Daniel Fate Brooks, Dwayne Cox, Allen T. Cronenberg, Harriet E. Amos Doss, Glenn T. Eskew, Glenn Feldman, Wayne Flynt, Alma S. Freeman, Carl Grafton, James R. Hansen, Karen I. Peterson Henricks, Bert Hitchcock Jr., Harvey H. Jackson III, Robert J. Jakeman, Norwood A. Kerr, W. David Lewis, Carl H. Marbury, Jacqueline A. Matte, William Nunnelley, Gwen Patton, Anne Permaloff, Paul M. Pruitt Jr., Marlene Hunt Rikard, R. B. Rosenburg, Pia N. Scott, Samuel L. Webb, and Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins.

A special thanks is due to Craig Remington from the University of Alabama Department of Geography Cartographic Research Laboratory for contributing the maps and graphs to this project, and to Joey Brackner, folklorist with the Alabama State Council on the Arts, for creating the CD of Alabama music and accompanying historical notes.