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Alabama and World War I

bullet Amerine, William Henry. Alabama's Own in France. New York: Eaton & Gettinger, 1919.

Immediate history of Alabama's 167th Infantry Regiment, part of the 42nd Rainbow Division, which gained enormous fame on the battlefields of France.

bullet Eaves, Richard Glen. "Pro-Allied Sentiment in Alabama, 1914-1917: A Study of Representative Newspapers." Alabama Review 25 (January 1972): 30-55.

Article traces prominent Alabama newspapers' editorial opinions on Alabama's and America's role in the Great War in Europe prior to U.S. entry into the conflict.

bullet Smith, Daniel M. The Great Departure: The United States and World War I, 1914-1920. New York: J. Wiley, 1965.

Account of America's home front and foreign policy during the World War I period.


bullet The Alabama Department of Archives and History's web site contains several classroom activities using primary sources from the Archives' collection at www.archives.alabama.gov/teacher/ww1/index.html".