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New Deal Art in Alabama Post Offices and Federal Buildings

bullet gif Where it is geographically possible this topic would lend itself to field trips to see the murals and sculpture. Class discussions could center around the subject matter chosen by the artist and its relevance to the area and to the thirties.

bullet gif Additionally, there are many other New Deal projects and structures all over Alabama that could lead to research papers and additional field trips. Almost every town has at least one New Deal school or other building. They are generally WPA, CCC, or PWA rather than Treasury, but they exist. Students could interview older citizens about the design and building of these structures.

bullet gif Newspapers from the thirties could be used to find out about construction projects and other projects of the New Deal, which could then be studied first-hand.

bullet gif Finally, this topic could be used as an introduction to broader discussions about art in public places, Southern art, and government sponsorship of the arts.