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Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION:Related pages at ADAH website:
Letter from Drs. Ed Bridges and Ed Richardson
BackgroundAlabama Internet Resources
OrganizationTeachers & Students page
AcknowledgmentsTeacher Resources
Standard Resources for Teaching Alabama HistoryUsing Primary Sources in the Classroom
10th GRADE:
Alabama's Indian Peoples: Their Towns and Traditions
Early European Conquests and the Settlement of Mobile
The American Revolution and the Land Called Alabama
The War of 1812 in Alabama and the Creek War, 1813-1814
Statehood and the Capitals of Alabama
Transportation and Alabama Rivers
Mobile As a Cotton City, 1820-1860
Indian Removal Era
Who is William Rufus King?
 Civil War:
Alabama's Involvement in the Civil War: A Quick Summary
The Civil War in Alabama: A Basic Bibliography
Time Line of the Civil War, Including Events that Occurred in Alabama
Secession and the Civil War in Alabama: A Detailed Time Line
Montgomery: First Capital of the Confederacy
Mobile As a Confederate City, 1861-1865
Wilson's Raid Through Alabama and the Capture of Selma
Alabama Wartime Leaders and Personalities:
          Josiah Gorgas
          Jefferson Davis in Alabama
          Emma Sansom
The War Name Game: A Suggested Activity
A Father's Letter to His Sons (Primary Source)
An Appeal to the Women of Alabama (Primary Source)
The Morrill Land-Grant Act (1862)
Reconstruction in Alabama: A Quick Summary
Reconstruction in Alabama Time Line
Alabama's Black Leaders During Reconstruction
What is a Scalawag?
The Ku Klux Klan During Reconstruction
The Founding of Birmingham
Iron and Steel in Alabama: The Technical Story
Samuel Ullman, 1840-1920
Julia Tutwiler—Reformer
Populism in Alabama
Alabama Writers in the 19th Century
Alabama Religion in the 19th Century
11th GRADE:
Tuskegee University
Alabama's 1901 Constitution
Progressive Era Alabama Congressional Leadership
Alabama Women and the Progressive Movement
Alabama and the Spanish-American War—1898
Smith-Lever Act
William Crawford Gorgas and the Panama Canal
Alabama and World War I
Alabama Voices from the Harlem Renaissance
Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald and the Jazz Age
The 20th Century Ku Klux Klan in Alabama
The Great Migration: African-American Migration to Northern Cities
The Great Depression, The New Deal, and Alabama's Political Leadership
New Deal Art in Alabama Post Offices and Federal Buildings
Alabama and World War II
Effects of World War II on Alabama
The Tuskegee Airmen
Civil Rights Movement:
Boswell Amendment
Dixiecrats—The States' Rights Party, 1948
The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Birmingham Demonstrations
Bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
March on Washington
Selma-to-Montgomery 1965 Voting Rights March
Alabama's Response to the Civil Rights Movement
George Wallace and Civil Rights
T. Eugene "Bull" Connor
The Huntsville Space Program
Alabama and the Vietnam War
Oscar W. Adams Jr.
Alabama and the Environmental Movement
Alabama Writers in the 20th Century
Alabama Religion in the 20th Century
Alabama's Musical Heritage
Historical Properties of the Alabama Historical Commission
A Cultural Approach to the Study of the History of Alabama