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(Playlist refers to the Alabama Music Sampler CD assembled and mastered by Steve Grauberger of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture. The CD is available through Debbie Pendleton of the Alabama Department of Archives and History; 334-242-4363, ext. 275.)

Alabama Indian Music
1. Creek hymn and lullaby, sung by Woodrow Haney.
2. Creek hymn, sung by George Bunny.

Early African-American Music in Alabama
3. “Black Woman,” sung by Rich Amerson, 1950.
4. “Tall Angel at the Bar,” sung by Rev. Alex Fountain, 1947.
5. Field calls, Annie Grace Horn Dodson and Enoch Brown.
6. Railroad call, John Henry Mealing, 1983.

Early Alabama Hymnody
7. “That Doleful Night Before His Death,” Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church, Livingston, Ala., 1998.
8. “Hungry, and faint, and poor,” Little Hope Primitive Baptist Church, Livingston, Ala., 1995.
9. “Arbacoochee,” Antioch Baptist Church near Ider, Alabama.
10. “Amazing Grace,” The Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers.

19th Century Alabama Sheet Music
11. “Rose of Alabama,” performed by Dr. William Craig Mann.
12. “The Mesopotamia Waltz Mazurka,” performed by Bruce Parsons.
13. “The Alabama State March,” performed by Bruce Parsons.

Alabama Fiddle Music
14. “Walking In The Parlor,” played by D. Dix Hollis, 1924.
15. “Coal Valley,” Charlie Stripling, 1936.

Blues in Alabama
16.“Coal Mountain Blues,” Sonny Scott; accompanied by Walter Roland on piano, 1933.
17. “Jim Crow Blues,” Cow-Cow Davenport.
18. “New Cow-Cow Blues,” Cow-Cow Davenport.

Jubilee Gospel Singing in Alabama
19. “Good Evening Everybody,” Bessemer Big Four, 1941.
20. “The Spirit of Phil Murray,” CIO Singers, 1952.