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The Great Migration

Have your students:

bullet gif Review newspapers of the era for articles and/or advertisements relating to the Great Migration.

bullet gif Write an editorial convincing the African-American population to either abandon or remain in the South.

bullet gif Write an essay asking the following question: Is the North still a more conducive environment for African-Americans than the South? Why or Why not?

bullet gif Interview a senior citizen about the Great Migration.

bullet gif Interview northern blacks about their emigration from the South.

bullet gif Examine programs developed to keep blacks in the South.

bullet gif Discuss the contemporary migration of African Americans back to the South.

Other suggestions:

bullet gif Refer to "Alabama's Musical Heritage" in the Supplemental Resources section for notes on the song, "Jim Crow Blues," which is about African-American motivation for leaving the South.

bullet gif For more information and ideas see http://www.ferris.edu/jimcrow/what.htm.