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Jefferson Davis in Alabama
Felicity Allen, Auburn
Correlates to Alabama Course of Study: Social Studies 10th Grade Content Standard 10, p. 73
Correlates to Graduation Exam Eligible Content Standard IV, Objective 1

Bullet Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, had a number of connections to Alabama. After his election as President he traveled from his home state of Mississippi—via Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia (there was no Mississippi/Alabama railroad at the time), and through Opelika and Auburn—to Montgomery. Once in Montgomery Davis was inaugurated on February 18, 1861, on the portico of the Alabama capitol. A star marks the spot where he stood as he was inaugurated. Davis and his family lived in Montgomery until May, when the Confederate capital moved to Richmond, Virginia. In Montgomery the Davis family lived at the corner of Bibb and Lee in what is known as the First White House of the Confederacy, which is now on Washington Avenue and open to visitors. Davis attended St. John's Episcopal Church, where visitors to the Montgomery church can still see his pew today. Davis's father-in-law, William. B. Howell, moved to Montgomery with his wife in 1862. He died there in 1863 and was buried in Oakwood Cemetery. Their daughter, Varina (Mrs. Jefferson Davis), visited them in Montgomery once she had moved to Richmond with her husband.

Bullet Jefferson Davis' route to Montgomery for his inauguration.

Bullet Visits to Alabama by Davis after he had moved from Montgomery in 1861:

Bullet Field trip: Visit the First White House of the Confederacy in Montgomery. Call 334-242-1861 for a reservation.