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The War Name Game: A Suggested Activity
Robert Bradley, Alabama Department of Archives and History
Correlates to Alabama Course of Study: Social Studies 10th Grade Content Standard 10, p. 73
Correlates to Graduation Exam Eligible Content Standard IV, Objective 1

Listed below is a compilation of names that have been used to describe the 1861-1865 war in America. Use this list to foster discussion with your class about the importance of naming conflicts and the viewpoints the various names represent.

The Civil War The War for Southern Rights
The Civil War in America Mr. Lincoln's War
The American Civil War The War for Southern Planters
The American War The War of the North against the South
War of the Sections The War to Suppress Yankee Arrogance
War for Separation The War for Nationality
War for Independence The War for Southern Nationality
War for Southern Independence The War Against Slavery
Confederate War for Independence The War of the Sixties
The Second War for Independence The War Against Northern Aggression
The Second American Revolution The Yankee Invasion
The War for Southern Freedom The War for Separation
The Insurrection The War for Abolition
The Rebellion The Abolitionist's War
The Southern Rebellion The War for the Union
The War of the Rebellion The War of the Southerns
The Great Rebellion The Late Unpleasantness
War for Secession The Old Confederate War
War of the Confederates The Lost Cause
The Confederate War THE WAR
The War Between the States
The Civil War Between the States
The Brother's War
The War Between the Union and Confederacy
War of the Abolition Party Against the Principles of the Constitution of the United States
The War for Constitutional Liberty
The War for States Rights

bullet For more information: Merton E. Coulter's "A Name for the American War of 1861-1865." (Georgia Historical Quarterly 36 [June 1952]: 109-131) is an interesting overview of how people referred to the conflict—from contemporary soldiers and officers, through the post-war period and into the twentieth century.